Welcome to Gullbringa Golf & Country Club!

Located on the west coast of Sweden, a stone’s throw from the picturesque yachting island of Marstrand where the Stena Match Cup Sweden has established itself as one of Sweden’s largest international sailing events and a natural meeting place with over 25,000 accredited guests anually. Enjoy a stroll along the cobbled medieval streets, visit the island’s historical and striking fortress, or take a boat trip around the archipelago, and enjoy world-class shopping.

Gullbringa offers a unique mixture of perfect greens, generous fairways, challenging water hazards and a few sand bunkers.

Gullbringa is also situated in close proximity to the hustle and bustle of Gothenburg.

Often known simply as “GGCC”, Gullbringa lies in the heart of the golf district north of Gothenburg. But even though we would like to think that GGCC is the reason for your visit we can imagine you would appreciate some sights and sounds of Gothenburg as well. 

For this reason, we would advise you to visit http://www.goteborg.com which should provide you with some helpful information for you to enjoy your Gothenburg experience! We hope that while visiting our beautiful 27-hole golf course, you will also have an opportunity to visit Gothenburg to enhance your memorable visit to our little paradise on the Swedish West Coast.

Gullkrogen - The Club House Restaurant

What can we possibly say about our reputed, popular and most appreciated chefs Niclas and Mikael Magnusson? With countless years’ of experience in gourmet restaurants the twins have now (thankfully) decided to spend more time in the kitchen than on the golf course.

There is not only one “Dish of the Day” to choose from their daily menu but TWO: one seafood option and one “other”.  It’s often very difficult to decide which of the specials to choose!  And then of course there is a mouthwatering set menu which is complimented with a “Special Pasta of the Week”.  And their Caesar Salads are to die for!

Are you only after a snack? Well, their "The Gothenburger" is the best in Sweden according to "Swedish Golf" magazine.

Fantastic value for money with outstanding and friendly personnel we can most certainly recommend a visit to Gullkrogen!  We are very proud of them all!

The Pool Area – Get wet

It rarely rains at GGCC, and this is often due to the rain blowing over as we are so closely situated to the coastline. However, should you wish to get wet, then we would recommend our outdoor pool. The pool is heated and between 22 - 27 degrees C. The pool area is also perfect for sipping drinks and ice-creams on a hot and sunny day.

The drivingrange - not only for hard hitters

Welcome to our new range!

The range was rebuilt in 2018-19 and now there is weather protection against both rain and sun. In addition, it is lit so you can compete around the clock. You pay easily with a regular credit card in the ball machine.

The Prama Golf gym - to get in shape for the pool season

Gullbringa can boast Sweden's first Prama Gym!

A gym without heavy or dangerous equipment. You work with your own body weight. A gym for all ages where you exercise at your own pace.

Here there are light sensors that you extinguish with yourself or by throwing a ball. It's like a modern video game with you as the protagonist. Here you can train individually or why not circle training under the guidance of our certified instructors.

Welcome to get in shape!

The djungle course - get wild

In the forest behind the blue  9:th green is a 9 hole par 3 course. Here you practise the really short game and the holes are only 15-25 meters long.

You play not on grass but on fallen leaves. The holes are bigger than on regular greens. You use special golf balls (air balls) wich you can find in the reception.

The forest is mysterious and its completely quiet here. The wind does not reach to this place either so its calm and cool on the djungel course.

Indoor golf - golf simulators

Is it cold or raining too much outdoors? Play golf indoors instead. There is no excuse not to play golf!

We have two golf simulators, for the pros we have Trackman and for us others Flightscope. You can choose to play a golf course, but you can also choose different games. Why not demolition golf? How often do you get the chance to (virtually) tear down a greenhouse ....

Opening Hours

The course is normally open from April until November depending on playing conditions.  However, due to extremely mild winters sometimes the summer greens are were up and running in March.

The Reception is open weekdays from 08.00 until 16.00 and during weekends from 08.00 until 15.00. But the course is open 24/7. When the Reception is closed you should pay your green fees using the green fee letterbox inside the Clubhouse.

Around every big city across the world, there’s always one golf course that stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the field. It’s the place you tell your friends at home all about.

A place steeped in a tradition of excellence, yet also constantly reinventing itself with the latest up-to-date trends as it was from the day it was first opened.

In the Gothenburg area that special golf course is Gullbringa Golf & Country Club!